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Well hello friends!

Well hello friends!
Where do I start? I am so humbled and overwhelmed by the amazing kindness and generosity so many of you have shown me through the go fund me campaign, kindly set up by that wonderful soul and friend of mine, Sarah Carroll. Love you Sar.
To be honest, I really struggled accepting financial support as I’m a bit of an independent type. The money however will be soooo helpful in so many ways. I also have to say that the small messages of support and love are every bit just as beneficial.
Love is really the greatest healer, and I have felt it big time!
This is gonna be quite a battle. It all starts again this Wednesday and will continue full on for the next 6 weeks! So any spare love you have please send my way. Any more spare, give it to someone else çause they might need it. I have so many wonderful people on my side, I feel blessed. Now I just need a right arm and hand that works!! It’ll come back…I’m determined.
So thank you, thank you, thank you so very much brother’s and sister’s…I know you’re walking with me…with love…xxxx