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Hey Guy’s & Gal’s. Rory here. A big call out to all Cyn Warrior fans to let you know we have a Memorial Gig coming up on Sunday 28th April @ ” The Drunken Poet ” in Melbourne from 4-6pm. It would be great if everybody could come along and share this special event. Which will include some very special musical guests that helped shape Cyndi’s sound over her musical career. This event was something Cyndi asked me to organise for her before she passed this time last year, so I better not bugger it up.
We will be playing 2 sets of old and new songs that span Cyndi’s music and some stories from friends who knew her best. Please remember that this was Cyndi’s wish to get all you mob together for a social. It’s gonna be soo good to hear Cyn’s songs again in a live venue.
Until then , see ya round.

Well hello friends!

Well hello friends!
Where do I start? I am so humbled and overwhelmed by the amazing kindness and generosity so many of you have shown me through the go fund me campaign, kindly set up by that wonderful soul and friend of mine, Sarah Carroll. Love you Sar.
To be honest, I really struggled accepting financial support as I’m a bit of an independent type. The money however will be soooo helpful in so many ways. I also have to say that the small messages of support and love are every bit just as beneficial.
Love is really the greatest healer, and I have felt it big time!
This is gonna be quite a battle. It all starts again this Wednesday and will continue full on for the next 6 weeks! So any spare love you have please send my way. Any more spare, give it to someone else çause they might need it. I have so many wonderful people on my side, I feel blessed. Now I just need a right arm and hand that works!! It’ll come back…I’m determined.
So thank you, thank you, thank you so very much brother’s and sister’s…I know you’re walking with me…with love…xxxx

Cherry Bar

Cherry Bar

Just had a late call to fill in for the wonderful Chris Wilson this Fri night. Haven’t played there for years.

Really looking forward to it. So come and enjoy happy hour with me city slickers!

Friday 2nd Sept 5:30 – 7:30pm


NSW Tour

Hello friends in NSW…
Just a quick reminder that I will be heading your way in the next 2 weeks.
It’s been a very busy time lately, putting together the finishing touches.
Really looking forward to seeing some familiar faces and meeting new fans.
All shows are on this site ‘GIGS’  where you can also
sign up for a monthly newsletter on my mailing list so we can keep in touch.
Hope you can come along. Also, if you haven’t already seen on facebook,
my song ‘Outta Here'(Ballad of Chris Green) is a finalist in the
‘International Songwriting Competition’ in the U.S. That’s pretty cool!!
Fingered crossed! There is also a people’s choice section where you can vote for me
if you wish to. (You can vote everyday until closing)
International Songwriting Competition

Winners are announced in April

See ya ’round like a record…cheers Cyndi

Lomond Hotel

Soooo looking forward to the gig at THE LOMOND HOTEL, Brunswick on Sat night. The last of a series of shows with the wonderful Matt Walker. It’s been a blast doing shows together and no better place to let rip one more time than the Lowie….hope to see some folk I haven’t seen for years…..also have Bill Jackson doing the support. So a great night of music in one of Melbourne’s most loved live music venues….all for free people…from 9.30pm.

Nowadays Review

Nowadays (WMP)

(Four Stars)

There’s a really attractive ease to Cyndi Boste’s new album. Not easy listening (though it passes very pleasantly over the shell-likes), nor exactly laidback (though tempos are mostly around mid-pace and overt aggression is avoided). Instead it’s a sense that Boste, fellow guitarist Jeremy Edwards, drummer George Brugmans, bassist Mike Rix and bonus extras such as pedal steel player Roy Payne, violinist Glenny Rae and Hammond player Rob Woolf, fit together like a well loved pair of boots. If How Come comes across like Hank Williams projected into a 1970s bar then Rectify puts Mavis Staples into the back of a Kingswood and Happy Day imagines Charles Bradley if he’d grown up on Stars and Paul Kelly circa the Coloured Girls. Getting the picture? This is adult oriented roots music, soaked in country music which has its own toughness and enhanced by soul-based rock. Boste’s voice has lived, though it never sounds worn away, and she tells a story with the feel of a village elder. That is, with conviction and with ease.

Bernard Zuel






Sat 15th June
performing live with Denise Hylands on ‘Twang’
2pm-4pm on 3RRR 102.7FM