Rezza House Concert supporting Gretta Ziller

Sunday -
1pm - 5pm
Rezza House Concert

Welcome to Rezza House Concerts 2017! This Houso has sponsored Gretta's new Lp which will soon be released! Cyndi Boste will be opening for Gretta as her special guest!
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"From Gretta's Possible Campain"

I can't believe that it's been 2 years since I released my debut EP "Hell's Half Acre" !! I am still in wonder over all the things that those 5 tracks have achieved, like spots in the Country Music & CMC video charts, finalist places in the International & Unsigned only Songwriting compeitions and CMC New Oz Artist of the Year nomination, just to name a few! BUT it has been 2 years..... there have been many more songs written since, I've matured and evolved as a songwriter & performer and I'm more than ready to get back into the studio to show you all the next step for Gretta Ziller

Cyndi Boste

This is soulful roots-rock and country at it’s best, via California and Austin, Texas but with a unique Australian voice. Cyndi Boste wears her hero’s influences, and her heart, on her sleeve on her latest release ‘Nowadays’.
It’s been seven long years since her last album, the critically acclaimed ‘Foothill Dandy’.
Seven years of personal turmoil, loss, self doubt and a deep desire to just stop for awhile and take stock.
There were times when many, including Cyndi herself, wondered whether she would ever emerge from the wreckage of a long term relationship, the death of a close friend, and a seemingly terminal loss of self belief.
However, like all great artists, the black coal of life fuelled the crucible of creation and Cyndi began to write again. Her creations not just songs, but gems.
“Whilst I probably would have wished to avoid the events that inspired some of the songs, as an artist, I’m probably better for it” admits Boste.
With the help of co-producer and friend ‘Jeremy Edwards’ and his incredible ‘Dust Radio Band’ based in Sydney, the raw stones that she mined from her rich stream of experience have been expertly cut and polished.
Each facet reflecting the world that inspired them with stunning perfection.